Price for Desexed Companion is $1500.00, Show Alter Quality POA plus cost of freight if required.

Benzots Bengals only sell Entire Show / and or Breeder to registered ethical breeders and at our discretion

 Above prices are based on the individual kitten and all kittens regardless of price are healthy, loving and gorgeous.

The kittens go to their forever homes from 14 to 16 weeks of age. 

Kittens are sold with two vaccinations, microchipped and registered with NSWCFA Inc and companion kittens will be desexed.


Kittens on the day of collection or delivery also come with a 6 weeks Free Accident and Illness Pet Insurance Policy.

The 6 week Instant Policy Benefits cover the following

Vet Fees up to $3000.00 - for illness and injury, including hospitalisation, referral and complementary medicines

Death from illness or injury - price paid up to $1,500.  Losing a kitten is a great sadness and nothing can replace a loved companion, but the Policy will refund the purchase price up to $1,500.00                                              

Advertising and Reward - If your kitten gets lost or stolen, the Policy will pay for local newspaper advertising and a reward up to $400.00                                                                                                                                                                   Theft or Straying (an inside kitten/cat is a safe kitten/cat) - If the kitten is not found, despite all efforts the Policy will refund the purchase price up to $1,500.00


Please email or 'phone if you do not see what you are looking for, as we would love to help you.

We do not always have all our kittens displayed on our kitten page, so please inquire about your kitten or your International Shipping needs.