Kenny's Show Brags

Kenny wins his first SUPREME EXHIBIT aged 7.5 months at the Tamworth and District Cat Club Inc 38th All Breeds & 6th Companion Cat Show Championship Cat Show 27th August 2011

Kenny has been awarded NSWCFA Inc FIRST PLACE Best Group 3 Male Kitten 2011

Kenny at his first Adult Show wins his second SUPREME EXHIBIT Shorthair aged 13.5 months at the Lockyer Valley All Breeds Cat Club of Qld 26th February 2012

Kenny wins his third SUPREME EXHIBIT aged 14 months at the combined Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club Inc and The Siamese Cat Society of NSW Inc in Sydney 11th March 2012. Kenny at the above Show also wins 4 BEST IN SHOWS therefore gaining his first two Championship Titles!

Kenny wins his fourth SUPREME EXHIBIT aged 20 months at the Illawarra Pedigree Cat Fancy Inc Berkeley NSW 9th September 2012

Kenny attended the CCCA National Championship Show held in Launceston, Tasmania on 21st and 22nd July 2012.  Kenny at the Nationals was placed in the Top 10 for Group 3 Entire Adults - 6 out of 6 Rings.  Kenny won 1st, 2 x 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places.  Kenny was also voted the Most Popular Overall Cat/Kitten at the Nationals by the Public who voted for their favourite Cat/Kitten. This is a wonderful achievement for the Bengal breed being voted first by the Public.  Kenny by winning First at the Nationals gained his DIAMOND Championship Title aged 18 months :-)

Kenny won Runner Up In Show at the Tamworth & District Cat Show Inc 2nd Bengal Speciality Show 25th August 2012. Kenny's 5 month old daughter Benzots Annie Chance took the honours by trumping her Dad to win Best In Show.  

Kenny wins his fifth SUPREME EXHIBIT aged 21 months at the NSWCFA Fundraiser Show Sydney NSW 13th October 2012

Kenny has now won over SIXTY BEST IN SHOWS!

Kenny has been awarded NSWCFA Inc FIRST PLACE Best Group 3 Male Cat 2012 and is 2012 OVERALL winner for Group 3

Kenny has also been awarded NSWCFA Inc - The NSW CFA is one of the largest and most active Feline Registering Bodies in the Southern Hemisphere - OVERALL WINNER for 2012.  A wonderful achievement for the Bengal Breed!

Thank you to all the Local, Interstate and International Judges who have appreciated Kenny

Kenny has also been awarded People's Choice - three times and Steward's Choice - twice and Best Overall Spotted Cat in Show

“We’ve played our cards right with keeping this boy...Kenny you have done us proud !”